Exact colour and material
selector for sign making
Have all selectors with you. In your pocket.
All selectors
in your pocket.
Have instant access to new
or updated selectors.
Browse colours
Swipe with the finger
like in real life.
Carbon, glitter, wood,
...real life view.
Just move and tilt the phone
in your hand.
Search. Compare. Share.
Search with
digital advantage.
By number, name, brand,
or exact usage type.
Chosen material
not in the stock?
Easy find and compare
with closest matching ones.
Share your choices.Send choices to the client
for the approval ... then to
distributor, request quotation.
Calibrated to your eye.
On the screen
like in the real life.
We are always
colour honest (!).
Coloreal patent pending screen calibration techniques
and displaying algorithms ensure an unparalleled
color/material viewing accuracy.
Created by experienced industry insiders.Promotive is the premier producer of selectors, color cards, swatch books,
brochures and stripes for a wide range of signmaking materials.
  • 15+ years in signmaking industry.
  • Delivering to 60+ countries on 4 continents.
  • More than 2M selectors/color cards produced.
  • Customers are major players in the industry.